Ways to start and end the day for mental health

Man Carrying Baby Drawing Their Foreheads

Gratitude and being Thankful

Every day I start off with being grateful that I woke up, that my heart is still beating, that my lungs are still working, that I can see and hear as well as being able to move. These are many things we take for granted. Irrelevant of how well they work, they are working for us.

I conclude the day with thanks. I give thanks to someone that did something nice for me that day. It could be the stranger that waved or held open the door for me, even the person that smiled. It is important to be thankful for the little things in life. We regularly appreciate our family but tend to overlook the small things.

A daily practice can do wonders for your health (mental, physical and spiritual). A nice way to add a positive impact to the practice is to start being grateful with the sunrise and be thankful at sunset.

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