A balanced life and the impact on health

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Break up your day to allow balance

Burnout and mental health are all on the rise impacting your overall health and happiness.

One way that can help is to break your day into three eight hour blocks.

8 hours of work
8 hours of sleep
8 hours of what makes you happy (family, friends, health, exercise, hobbies, feed your soul).

During difficult times it is so important to look after you. We all have boundaries that keep us healthy and happy. As we hear many having health issues, as humans we tend to put other things before our own needs.

At work anyone can be replaced and that is important to remember. Have you sacrificed what makes you happy and healthy for work? Now with many going through layoffs both those being laid off and those that survive many begin to realize they have not made themselves a priority. You are not alone.

Give yourself balance for your health and happiness.
Designate distinct work hours and leisure time, and stick to them religiously. Remember, quality trumps quantity.

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