Additional Services...

Crafts are available for purchase as well as classes to learn how to make your own. Pictures will be posted to show what is available.

Crafts include:  dream catchers, smudging tools and native drums.

Crafts and Books

Phone and in person consultations can be used to assist you in reaching your healthy lifestyle goals. We are here to help you on your journey.  

    Introduction to Meditation and Spirituality:

    - Meditation, spirituality, presence and minfulness

    - Getting inspired and understanding your life purpose

    Welness and Mind-Body Connection:

    - Healthy habits, stress reduction techniques, mind-body connection, shifting your mindset, relationships and emtions                                                                                                                                        

Coaching Packages - $75 per hour

Our Promise to you...

More than a State of Mind...

Complete with traditional influences, you get to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and an overwhelming sense of warmth.

All About Calm & Relaxation...

When it comes to personal health, meditation and healings are key.  We are dedicated to helping you gain a sense of peace of mind.